The Strongbox

Welcome purses, one and all! To the most closely guarded mercantile secret the western world has to offer!
I know you are parched, your throat raspy and your mouth dry from anticipation, so approach and quaff greedily the irrigating nectar that is my ice cold deals!
Some pen and ink drawings desire to leave the studio. They are about 6x8 inches and drawn on 100lb bristol board. 
15 CAD each plus 5 for shipping!
A Watchman rests by the light of Ursa Minor.
The Scholar, in repose.
Uz and Javan by the sea.

The first item up for sale is possibly the only comic book involving super heros I own. Chris claremont returns doing whatever it is that he does, along with, presumably, his 20 best friends who were ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL to making this work of art a reality.

By purchasing this premium quality slow roasted, high octane, 100 percent gluten free illustrated novella you will not only be supporting BASILEUS (it is very much appreciated by your humble scribe) but you will also get to read about the xmen! 

Also, I will draw moustaches on every mutant present and even on the inferior human worms they mingle with. 

Shipping is 5 bucks.

*I've been advised by my legal aid to clarify the cover to the left is a digital illusion and TRAGICALLY not the cover you will recieve. I will scrawl facial hair on them with sharpie of you want.















After much grappling with amazon's print service I present to you lovely perusers, the prestige edition of Thieves and Murderers, the first book of the series.

30 pages of comics with 3 more of other stuff. Colour. 7.5x11 inches